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November 5, 2011

A new feature in a weekend

This weekend, there was a special event on the French website
MyProject2011: massive attack against a mineshaft near the acid seaside
In short, it was a sort of speed gamedev session. Every developer who wants to participate creates a game during the weekend. We chat with other developers and we release our work before Sunday at midnight.
It is the same type of event I attended last year: a Unity mini game in a weekend.
This year, in place of using engine, tools and assets to create a mini-game from scratch in a weekend, I've used my existing game to create a new feature in a weekend.
The new feature is the acid sea, and I have implemented the tides. The aliens can hover more rapidly on the sea and they are immune to the acid. The gunship is damaged if it touches the acid and is hurted just by flying over it. Let's try it!
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August 1, 2011

One week fulltime

This year I've dedicated near one week of my holidays to my game project.
MyProject2011: energy and ore on the mineshaft MyProject2011: shield on the mineshaft
My goal was to release a decent playable demo with a real goal. First, I have added the management of energy and ore between the headquarter and the mine shaft.
Second, I have added the management of the mineshaft's shield and the ore production, using energy.
At last, I have added a first wave of enemies, air and ground based. They try to destroy the mineshaft and eventually you if you try to thwart them wink
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May 22, 2011

Development roadmap

My development roadmap for 2011 is formally done. The goal is to implement all main features even if graphically, it ends with just a blue cube who fight against some red spheres biggrin
What is planned for this year will look like a Protopack demo. I don't want to be tempted by losing too much time with the graphical aspect. To have an homogeneous set of 3D content, I've only removed existing textures on my pre-made 3D models and replaced them with quickly made Protopack style textures.
The main page for this project is here: myproject2011.
It is a sort of "change log" I will update every time I'm releasing a new version. Each release will be described by a short text and illustrated by a video.
An online demo of my Work In Progress with the latest version will be available here: WIP-Demo.
I need your feedback to adjust my target and your encouragements for staying motivated. So I count on your comments.
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May 6, 2011

Back to the Protopack

After missing the Kongregate contest I've retargeted my game project. Main difficulties were related to the complexity of animated 3D characters and the production of 3D assets.
I maintain the concept I've already worked: the islands surrounded by an acid sea with tides and the mineshafts.
But I simplify the process by replacing the animated 3D characters by vehicles. For the prototype, I will use the numerous models from the 3D content packs I've purchased in the past. I already have a bunch of vehicles that should cover my needs.
I plan to let aside the graphical aspect for some times. I've restarted to use the Frogames Protopack, which is of endless value for prototyping wink

My focus is on implementing a basic version of each main features and on testing the gameplay.
I plan to publish in-game video along the development, so stay tuned...

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February 21, 2011

Kongregate Unity game contest missed

During the last months I have worked on a possible entry for the Kongregate Unity game contest ending February 15 2011. Unfortunately I wasn't able to finish it in time. My main difficulty was to deal with 3D assets production and the high end specification I have defined as a goal. A complex main character and the use of the procedural locomotion system was probably not the simplest way. For the time being, I can only release an unfinished demo. Now I will take some time and probably retarget this project.

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January 15, 2011

Acid Island Runner (preview) on Kongregate

Since December 2010, the Kongregate game portal accepts Unity games in addition to Flash games.
I have reworked my mini-game made on February 2010. I have implemented the Kongregate API to store high-scores, and then I have published a preview on the website.
You can try it for free and if you have some ideas about enhancement, feel free to post a comment.

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