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May 22, 2011

Development roadmap

My development roadmap for 2011 is formally done. The goal is to implement all main features even if graphically, it ends with just a blue cube who fight against some red spheres biggrin
What is planned for this year will look like a Protopack demo. I don't want to be tempted by losing too much time with the graphical aspect. To have an homogeneous set of 3D content, I've only removed existing textures on my pre-made 3D models and replaced them with quickly made Protopack style textures.
The main page for this project is here: myproject2011.
It is a sort of "change log" I will update every time I'm releasing a new version. Each release will be described by a short text and illustrated by a video.
An online demo of my Work In Progress with the latest version will be available here: WIP-Demo.
I need your feedback to adjust my target and your encouragements for staying motivated. So I count on your comments.
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