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October 10, 2008

Playing with HTTP and content update in doom 3

The first result of my "DOOM 3 exercise" discussed at the Doom3world forum was pointed by PlanetQuake on a news item and a picture of the day.
This example demonstrates the use of an RSS feed and Doom 3 GUI for displaying the PlanetQuake news in-game. Interaction between a game and a website is my hobby horse. In fact, doing it with the DOOM 3 SDK was easier than expected, as all the necessary API was already available.
Of course it's only a first step. Like Doom 3 content files are mostly text based (maps, script...) I'm currently investigating a diff/patch method generated in PHP from a webserver: A WorldServer like COOP or DIE for Quake2 and a login/account system are on my todo list.
September 3, 2008

Legendary Id Software games purchased on Steam

I have reinstalled Steam on my PC as of today. I've just taken a look at the catalogs, and decided to purchase the id Super Pack. I've already bought some of the products included in this package in the past (Quake3, Doom3 ...etc). But I'm ashamed to admit that I have never paid for Quake1 and Quake2, that's the limit! This has now been corrected wink.

I can now replay all the IdSoftware historic games: Wolfenstein 3D, Doom II, Quake, Quake II and the two mission packs and even the ancestor Commander Keen! As "DOOM 3 Resurrection of Evil" is also included, I will be able to try it after finishing the Doom 3 campaign.

I have looked at the community tools provided by Steam, and of course I have joined the existing coopordie group. I have also joined the Co-op Coalition group that seems to have several very interesting people in it.
August 28, 2008

My summer's exercise: Doom 3

I reinstalled Doom3 on my PC at the start of August. In the past, I never finished the solo campaign, so I thought this might be a good idea for spending my nights on vacation. While playing, an idea came to my mind: this game could be a really suitable base for coopordie2.
In the middle of the month, I read John Carmack's QuakeCon keynote related to the DOOM 3 game that will probably be open-sourced next year. This information has slightly changed my opinion about the IdTech4 technology.
So I have started to learn more about the SDK. I am currently looking at every aspect of modding Doom3, the game code, but also mapping, modeling, scripting ...etc. My goal is to have enough knowledge to be able to compare the pros and cons of using Doom3 instead of Tremulous, as a base for coopordie2.

August 14, 2008

Coop or Die for Quake2 progress during recent months

The coopordie website and the WorldServer have been merged with the new phpBB forum since February 14. The result is a more united community and an increasing number of games played, particularly games with three or four players.

I have also enhanced some game features related to the challenge mode. A new inventory per team system has been added, and a dedicated web page has been created for reporting challenger's progression. The result was an increasing number of champions in teams of two, and the first victory of a three-player team. As yet, no four-player team has won the entire campaign without dying, but the race has already started...

Finally, while waiting for the next DLL release planned for the end of the summer, I have added a teleporter in the StartMap for a new mission pack. The "Premonition of Angron" from Jonas N.P. Lindstrom was chosen for its high quality and great fun for co-operative play.

March 24, 2008

AfterMoon Website Redesigned

This website has been completely redesigned today. The difference is not actually visible at first sight, because it is more a content re-organization rather than a visual change. The HTML code is now W3C compliant, the URL and pages titles are more pertinent. A big effort has been made for making the job of Mr Google and other search engines easier. wink
I have also added two new pages that will count a lot for me in the future:
February 9, 2008

AfterMoon Website transferred

If you are reading this, it's worked. wink
This website is now sharing the host of I will be able to integrate a news and comment system merged with the coopordie phpBB3 forum.
January 31, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

What? I'm late? Nooo, it's still January, so it's the last day for wishing you a Happy New Year 2008. I especially wish you a lot of fun playing cooperative computer games with your friends, your neighbors, your family and every cool person you can find over the Internet. Have fun fragging side by side and enjoy reaching common goals as a team.
CU, Pat
January 30, 2008

New COOP or DIE website and forum released soon

The end of the year 2007 was a little disappointing for the GPL Quake development community. Quakesrc dot org, our central forum was unstable during one month, and finally went down at the start of 2008.
Ender, the admin, has given no sign of life since the end of November. He never sent me the database export of the old COOP or DIE forum. Fortunately, between Christmas and the end of the year, I have grabbed the entire COOP or DIE sub-forum HTML pages.

After nearly 10 hours of hard work, an extensive use of regular expressions and text processing, I have re-imported the complete forum content. Of course with a correct database export it could have taken 30 minutes, but I have learned a lot about the preg_match function and text manipulations under PHP. For testing wether messages were correctly imported, I re-read a lot of old thread, it's always fun and surprising to dig into the past. wink
Finally, I'm now porting the entire COOP or DIE website and the WorldServer to PHP 5, and I will be able to release it very soon.

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