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November 5, 2011

A new feature in a weekend

This weekend, there was a special event on the French website
MyProject2011: massive attack against a mineshaft near the acid seaside
In short, it was a sort of speed gamedev session. Every developer who wants to participate creates a game during the weekend. We chat with other developers and we release our work before Sunday at midnight.
It is the same type of event I attended last year: a Unity mini game in a weekend.
This year, in place of using engine, tools and assets to create a mini-game from scratch in a weekend, I've used my existing game to create a new feature in a weekend.
The new feature is the acid sea, and I have implemented the tides. The aliens can hover more rapidly on the sea and they are immune to the acid. The gunship is damaged if it touches the acid and is hurted just by flying over it. Let's try it!
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