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May 6, 2011

Back to the Protopack

After missing the Kongregate contest I've retargeted my game project. Main difficulties were related to the complexity of animated 3D characters and the production of 3D assets.
I maintain the concept I've already worked: the islands surrounded by an acid sea with tides and the mineshafts.
But I simplify the process by replacing the animated 3D characters by vehicles. For the prototype, I will use the numerous models from the 3D content packs I've purchased in the past. I already have a bunch of vehicles that should cover my needs.
I plan to let aside the graphical aspect for some times. I've restarted to use the Frogames Protopack, which is of endless value for prototyping wink

My focus is on implementing a basic version of each main features and on testing the gameplay.
I plan to publish in-game video along the development, so stay tuned...

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