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Useful websites related to AfterMoon

GPL Quake community

IDsoftware is the famous creator of the Quake game serie.

QuakeSource is the home of the main forum for GPL Quake engines development (Quake1, Quake2 and Quake3).

QuakeDev is the second home for GPL Quake developers. It hosts a lots of Quake related sites, SVN repository, game servers... and the QExpo.

PlanetQuake is the epicenter of everything Quake !

Selection of standalone games based on GPL Quake engines

Tremulous is a GPL Quake3 based game that blends an FPS-based team with elements of an RTS. Players can choose from aliens and humans.

Warsow is a GPL Quake2 (QFusion) based game with Cartoonish graphics, celshading and an eSport fast-paced gameplay focused on trix.

Alien Arena is a GPL Quake2 based game with Martians, vehicles and lot of deathmatch modes.

Digital Paint 2 is a GPL Quake2 based game related to paintball deathmatch.

Nosferatu is under development and uses a GPL Quake2 engine (QFusion) and a WorldServer ala "COOP or DIE". It is Vampires vs Slayers.

Other links

GarageGames is the home of Idependent Games and Game Makers. It also provide the Torque Game Engine, a must for indie games projects !

3DRT is a developer of real-time CG content. It specializes in high-quality 3D models for video games and the web.

Psionic is a 3D artist providing game resources.

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