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Online Game development with the Unity engine

I have discovered Unity in 2009. For me, this Game Engine was a dream come true. Since 2001, my main interest was to link a classic shooter game with my website. It is what I've done with COOP or DIE for Quake 2.
The central WorldServer, the Remote Procedure Calls, the login accounts, the persistent data, the forum using the same players accounts...
All these features will be present in my next game's project, and much more. But in addition, the game will be itself fully integrated in the website, thanks to Unity Technologies.

Here are the steps of my development, from the latest to the older:

Back to the Acid Islands with vehicles

Since March 2011, I have given up the idea of 3rd person shooter. I came back to a vehicle game. Vehicles are a lot more easy to handle than characters from my coder point of view. I have also temporary renounced to the graphical aspect of the game. The goal is to implement all main features and test the game as soon as possible. A diary of the development is available here: myproject2011.
An online demo with the latest version is available here: WIP-Demo.
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Main character design

From summer 2010 to early 2011, I've worked with a graphic artist to design my main character. My wish were high because the main character takes a big place in 3rd person shooter. But the work was harder than expected and the project was canceled.
For the time being, I have only released this unfinished demo.

Mini game to test the concept of high and low tide

At the beginning of 2010, I have participated in a coding challenge. The goal was to develop a mini game in a weekend. I've taken this opportunity to test the game-play around the concept of high and low tide of acid sea. This project was made with the FroGame ProtoPack.
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First Unity prototype and 3rd Person Shooter

In 2009, after some years and the discover of the Unity Game Engine, I have modified my plans for a third person shooter. The Acid Islands initial theme was maintained and enhanced with the mineshaft and the acid sea tides.
With this prototype I have experimented the Solo Scrum method. The diary of this development is available on this page: MyProject2009.
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First draft with the Torque Game Engine

This project has started in 2004, and was initially based on the Torque Game Engine. It was a vehicles shooter, and the Acid Islands theme was already here. But the lack of free time, and the difficulties to implement my wishes prevented me to release a decent demo.