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December 30, 2012

Acid Islands: back to roots

Ground vehicle in action
Finally, after a year mainly busy with my IRL job, after hundreds of hours spent (wasted) playing Diablo 3, Orc Must die 2 and World of Tanks, and after abandoned experiments, I took over the development of my Acid Islands game project to the roots.
So, I'm back to a flying vehicle armed with a set of classic weapons (blaster, machine gun, missiles, etc...). The goal remain the defense of a mine shaft against waves of enemies emerging from the acid sea.
I'm actually working on AI and path finding for the enemies, and I'm testing the NavMeshes feature of Unity3D.
August 5, 2012

Acid islands: Ground vehicle experimentation

Ground vehicle in action Ground vehicle paused
These days I've experimented my Acid Islands prototype with a wheeled vehicle. Being on the ground imply to manage obstacles and paths. The player is also more inside the fight, mobbed by ground enemies and surrounded by flying ones. Compared to a flying vehicle, it opens a lots of interesting gameplay possibilities.
June 24, 2012

Diablo3 totally hardcore

BarGniak: my 1st Diablo3 character On May 15, my Diablo addiction has restarted with the release of the third opus.
This time I've played the game in a totally extreme way. After 1 hour of play to unlock the hardcore mode, I've started a barbarian and experienced the entire game in this mode. It took me near 60 hours to reach the Armageddon level without dying a single time.
Discovering the game this way was an unique experience, never encountered in any game before.
Of course, it is time consuming, and not really good for the progression of my hobbyist game development plans... confused
February 27, 2012

Back to the Rock n Roll

Entertainment software development Since my career beginning in the video game industry, and after 20 years of industrial software for embedded device and tests benches I'm back to entertainment!
These days, I've started to work IRL for a Laser Game manufacturer. And considering proposals I receive, it seems that there is a lot of fun to come: high tech entertainment, serious gaming and even maybe video games.

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