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January 30, 2008

New COOP or DIE website and forum released soon

The end of the year 2007 was a little disappointing for the GPL Quake development community. Quakesrc dot org, our central forum was unstable during one month, and finally went down at the start of 2008.
Ender, the admin, has given no sign of life since the end of November. He never sent me the database export of the old COOP or DIE forum. Fortunately, between Christmas and the end of the year, I have grabbed the entire COOP or DIE sub-forum HTML pages.

After nearly 10 hours of hard work, an extensive use of regular expressions and text processing, I have re-imported the complete forum content. Of course with a correct database export it could have taken 30 minutes, but I have learned a lot about the preg_match function and text manipulations under PHP. For testing wether messages were correctly imported, I re-read a lot of old thread, it's always fun and surprising to dig into the past. wink
Finally, I'm now porting the entire COOP or DIE website and the WorldServer to PHP 5, and I will be able to release it very soon.