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August 14, 2008

Coop or Die for Quake2 progress during recent months

The coopordie website and the WorldServer have been merged with the new phpBB forum since February 14. The result is a more united community and an increasing number of games played, particularly games with three or four players.

I have also enhanced some game features related to the challenge mode. A new inventory per team system has been added, and a dedicated web page has been created for reporting challenger's progression. The result was an increasing number of champions in teams of two, and the first victory of a three-player team. As yet, no four-player team has won the entire campaign without dying, but the race has already started...

Finally, while waiting for the next DLL release planned for the end of the summer, I have added a teleporter in the StartMap for a new mission pack. The "Premonition of Angron" from Jonas N.P. Lindstrom was chosen for its high quality and great fun for co-operative play.