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August 28, 2008

My summer's exercise: Doom 3

I reinstalled Doom3 on my PC at the start of August. In the past, I never finished the solo campaign, so I thought this might be a good idea for spending my nights on vacation. While playing, an idea came to my mind: this game could be a really suitable base for coopordie2.
In the middle of the month, I read John Carmack's QuakeCon keynote related to the DOOM 3 game that will probably be open-sourced next year. This information has slightly changed my opinion about the IdTech4 technology.
So I have started to learn more about the SDK. I am currently looking at every aspect of modding Doom3, the game code, but also mapping, modeling, scripting ...etc. My goal is to have enough knowledge to be able to compare the pros and cons of using Doom3 instead of Tremulous, as a base for coopordie2.