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May 1, 2010

COOP or DIE for Quake 2: version 10.04

The new DLL version is available since yesterday!
This release contains some bug fixes and gameplay enhancements. The most visible part is the new StartMap with additional buttons for votes. All of this part is dynamically generated by the WorldServer, so more options may appear in the future.
With this release a new feature is also available on the website: the list of recent winners for special missions. If you want to see your name displayed at top of them all, you just have to beat "The punishment", "Rush for the head" or "Crash n Massacre".
COOP or DIE: select optional difficulties COOP or DIE: Choose from 2 options
COOP or DIE: vote for more ammo COOP or DIE: vote for more health
Here is a list of the gameplay changes:
Here is the list of more internal changes:
The votes about health/ammo have not yet been taken into account. I plan to implement them as soon as possible. The idea is:
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