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February 12, 2010

Unity: 3rd Person Shooter Demo

The "Character Animation Tips & Tricks" demo showed at Unite 2009 has been improved and turned into a small game. It was released yesterday on the Unity Technologies Blog as both a playable demo and a downloadable project folder with code source.
It shows a range of animation techniques such as realistic foot placement, procedural aiming and head turning, and how to smoothly turn procedural adjustments on and off while reloading.

This demo shares a lot of ground with the character management of coopordie2. I've already implemented procedural aiming and head turning from the same base code. But the locomotion system with feet placement could probably be a nice improvement. Showing how Unity developers have implemented the whole thing will also be very interesting.
I will have to fully understand all these animations tricks and their modeling implications when the time comes to contract a freelance 3D modeler for the main character of coopordie2.

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