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March 27, 2009

Discover Unity 3D

It's funny, but while searching information about the Torque3D web capabilities, I've discovered one of its competitors. Unity3D has a very different approach, targeted more at content creators and web developers than traditional coders. It seems to fill the gap between Adobe Shockwave 3D and the Torque Game Engine. I hadn't noticed Unity3D before. It was mainly because even though it can produce games for Mac and MS-Windows, the developers' tools were only available for Mac. Since the recent version 2.5 this bug has been corrected biggrin. The development tools are really professional and fine-tuned. It is probably less polyvalent than Torque, but for simple games, it seems easier to handle. Unity3D is natively targeted at web integration. It works on all major web browsers and its plug-in is lightweight. The available works directly playable from the web can speak better, here are a few: The Tropical Paradise demo, a car racing game and the cartoon MMO FusionFall.

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