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February 16, 2013

A Star PathFinding by Aron Granberg

I've tried to work with the builtin Unity Pro Navmesh and Pathfinding system. But finally I have changed my mind and choosen another solution. For my project, the builtin system was too limited, and the impossibility to recreate a navmesh at runtime with a generated terrain was blocking.
A* Pathfinding project I have choosen the addon A* Pathfinding Project by Aron Granberg. This package is really great, the source code provided is well written and the documentation is excellent. It allows PointGraph, GridGraph, NavMesh, Reciprocal Velocity Obstacle (RVO avoidance) and can recast any pathfinding graph at runtime. Not to mention the support provided by the author on his own forum. For me, it is the better Pathfinding solution available for Unity 3D.
The RVO system was mainly implemented by Aron Granberg with NavMesh in mind. For my project, I can add and change obstacles at runtime, so GridGraph is more appropriate. Then, I have completed the system myself. My own add-on is available here with source code: RVONavmesh equivalent for GridGraph . Since my contribution, Aron has given me the access to his private Git repository. I hope to contribute more to this wonderful software in the future.