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December 31, 2009

COOP or DIE 2: 2009 prototype

The last 6 months have been devoted to the coopordie2 prototype. The news for this period is directly available on the 2009 prototype sub-site. The development was sliced into "sprints" inspired by the Scrum methodology. Each sprint is a session of 2 or 3 weeks focused on a sub set of features. Some videos were recorded during the development. They show the progression from a walk around a mine shaft to a fight against the mutants. The last touch was related to the character animation and the camera management. After the end of this first prototype, the development will be suspended. I will take a break and come back to COOP or DIE for Quake2. The development of a second prototype will start in a few months. The main feature will be related to multi-player aspects.

arrow Comments or questions can be posted on the coopordie2 forum.