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September 2, 2009

COOP or DIE 2: acid sea and supply station

COOP or DIE 2: 3rd sprint completed The 3rd sprint of the development of coopordie2 has been completed. The acid sea tide has been basically implemented. The player is hurt by the acid, but if he can get some rest, his health points are progressively restored. If the health goes to zero, the player is forced to crouch, can't attack and can only move slowly to a healing station. The healing station can treat the player completely in a dozen seconds. During this last sprint I started to use the Proto Pack from Frogames. I have used it for the healing station model and particles effect. Previously, using complex models for the player and monster was interesting for my knowledge of the Unity engine asset integration. COOP or DIE 2: healing station But for rapid prototyping and testing the game play, I will probably not pay too much attention to the models for the next sprints. I plan to use the proto Pack again for a quick implementation of the mine shaft.
On the Solo Scrum aspect of the development, I think I have definitively adopted the sprint backlog. I will probably rework the product backlog and produce a release backlog for the coming 4 months. COOP or DIE 2: acid sea tide There is also an aspect of the Scrum method that I would try for my development; it is a sprint review meeting. I think I could provide a demo at the end of the next sprint. It could be a game play video, or directly a release of the game in its current state. I could put it online for a short time and organize a sort of development chat with some friends and coopordie visitors. Creating an event, showing the product and chatting with other people will probably help with maintaining the pressure on me. The synthesis of the discussion may help me to do a sprint retrospective. All in all, the experience will probably be interesting. For preparing this demo event I will share more information about the next sprint and I will soon open a new forum dedicated to coopordie2.

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