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August 22, 2009

COOP or DIE 2, Unity 3D, Solo Scrum: let's go!

Here it is, I have been working seriously on a COOP or DIE 2 prototype for the last two months. For this new project I would like to experiment an agile approach like the one described by Peter Bell in his Solo Scrum article. I'm completely new to Scrum, but I could probably become familiar with some of its concepts by using it for this spare time activity. So, it is a game prototype planned to be developed from July to December 2009 at an average of 10 hours per week. I think I have defined the prototype as something basic and doable. The tools are chosen and most of the art content has already been acquired. I have firstly written a user manual which explains most of the elements. I have also written a first draft of product backlog and sketched the first 3 sprints of 2 weeks each. I'm currently running the third sprint.

I have started a sub-site dedicated to this project: MyProject2009

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