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June 4, 2009

COOP or DIE for Quake 2: source code

Since last week-end I have started to fill the coopordiequake2 SVN at SourceForge. The repository was initialized with the id Software Quake 2 GPL source code version 3.21. I have committed the code and data for the coopordie 0.6 version from February 13, 2008. I have also added few small changes I'd already made and that will be released on the next version.
The source code includes a project file for Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition which can be downloaded for free.
There is currently no version for Linux, so please be patient confused.
Unofficial dll are prohibited on except for my betatest account. If you are a programmer interested in dll modifications, please contact me, and I will try to create a sort of testing group.

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