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February 17, 2009

Doom 3 boss contest: my Imp Boss

The Doom 3 Boss contest is over. My contribution is modest, but I've reached one of my goals: I've learned a lot! My Imp Boss is a sort of super Archvile with multiple waves of minions.

I have used the open source md5scale.exe utility created by z1corvette to generate a model twice the size of the classic Imp. Due to the use of a bugged md5scale version, I've lost many hours. I have corrected the tool and learned a lot about manipulating the MD5 model format. At the end, I discovered an updated bug free version, with nearly the same corrections as mine wink.

After this setback, my main task was about scripting. I have designed the waves of minions to be very configurable from the map editor. I have also created a specific minion, a crawling Imp with only a melee attack. It has a higher movement speed and it jumps to the player more aggressively. I haven't got the time to add a specific attack to the boss, so it only tries to scratch the player when it is close enough to him.

The final result is far from what I wanted, but dealing with deadlines is also part of this type of contest. All this work is available in the file (1.9 Mo). It includes a test map with the boss, the md5scale source code, the script files and all necessary assets.

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