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June 10, 2007

Some holidays in Middle-Earth

After one decade of resistance to what I consider to be a hard drug, I have finally fallen into MMO. I've bought a Lifetime Membership to the Lord of the Rings Online. It is a really good gaming experience. I like to play with my guardian. The ambiance between all players on the role-play server is really good. I'm currently not a member of any Kinships (guild), but I've enjoyed every fellowship (group) I've played with.
Inevitably it take a big part of my spare time, and my development projects are slowing down.

But while I play, some other works, and there is some good news for the next COOP or DIE. Like you can read in this thread about Tremulous A.I., artificial intelligence for computer opponent become more down to earth. Of course it's not tomorrow you will be able to play cooperatively against a decent team of aliens, but it take the path. Maybe it could motivate me to take off my armor, put down my shield and my axe, and take some time to look at this piece of code, thanks to the open-source community wink