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April 11, 2007

Lastest news and 2007 plan

What's happen since the last four months ? Well, I have sold my XBox 360, I have bought a WII, and after played to the European Lord of the Rings Online beta on my PC, I have pre-order the game.

On the development front, I have worked on my first Tremulous map. It's a work in progress and I have probably started on a way too much complicated. A part of the map is supposed to be natural cavern, and it's a hard task for a newbie mapper. When my map for Tremulous "Mine 17 level 1" will be finished, I will restart to work on COOP or DIE. The long awaited merge of the database and registration system with PhpBB forum will be done. Then, I will start to work for adding RPC capabilities to Quake3. Contrary to what I have done with Quake2, I won't add the RPC part in the game dll/qvm part but on the engine itself. The process will be splitted in two : This partition will be more conform to the Quake software architecture. It will also be more easy to use it for other Quake3 project who want a centralised players account system.